Navy suit

Do Clothes Really Make the Man?

Henri Duvernois (1875 – 1937) wrote a humorous short story entitled “Clothes Make the Man” about a thief who, by wearing a police uniform, has his character transformed to the point that he arrests the two other thieves with whom he is supposed to be working. While I believe that being well-dressed does, in fact, make us feel differently about ourselves, I’m not sure that clothes actually make the man (or woman). More sawdust

Upside-down flag

Hooray for the Red, White, and Blue!

I’m seriously considering flying the US flag upside down starting now and for at least four years. Why would I do such a thing? For those readers who don’t already know, when the flag is flown upside down, it is a sign of distress, and the country is certainly in distress for the following reasons. More sawdust


Of Men and Mice

This post has nothing to do with John Steinbeck’s novel, “Of Mice and Men,” other than the fact that it will probably suffer a similar evaluation by those who read it. Steinbeck’s work, according to Wikipedia (if you can believe them), while being required reading in many schools, has suffered censorship due to vulgarity and racist comments. People are out of touch with reality: you cannot legislate away vulgarity and racist attitudes. More sawdust


Time Marches On

My wife’s sister-in-law is quite a good photographer. Her favorite subject matter is things that have interesting textures, for example, tree bark, a closeup of stones on a beach, or most recently, peeling paint on steel structures. She had several photos in a recent show, all except one of which had been sold ahead of time. The one unsold photo she wanted to name, and was having a hard time settling on something she liked, so her husband, my wife, and I all started submitting suggestions. After a bit, I thought, “What does this photo of paint peeling from iron really depict?” and it hit me that the rusting iron was evidence of the effects of weather and the passing of time, so I said, “The photo should be titled, ‘Time Marches On.'” Everyone agreed that was the name that fit, and I think it’s what the photo carried at the show. More sawdust


Dog Heaven

I’ve heard some people say that there won’t be animals in heaven. Apparently they haven’t read the Book of Revelation where it says that Christ and his heavenly army will come on white horses. Let’s see… horses are animals and they are coming from heaven, so they kinda had to be there to start with. It’s a good thing. Otherwise most dog owners wouldn’t think much of heaven as a place for eternal abode. More sawdust



My wife, a sister-in-law, and a nephew are all excellent photographers, and one thing that I’ve seen in all their photography and in that of any good photographer is that the best photos have extremely clear focus on that part of the picture to which the photographer wishes to draw attention. Something in the foreground or background may be fuzzy, but the eye is always drawn to that part that is the clearest and most important. More sawdust


What will it take?

Increasingly we are seeing the results of falling away, not only from a respect for God in our country, but a departure from a country that is governed as the founders intended. One of the principal reasons that the Declaration of Independence was penned was the fact that the colonies previously had fallen under the rule of an unreasonable monarch. The constitution was designed to keep that from ever happening in this country again. More sawdust


My Hope….

It has been said that man can live for a month or more without food, for about three days without water, and only about 5 minutes without air, but he cannot live a second without hope. Having spent a lot of time in cancer treatment facilities, I can say that, once a person loses hope in recovering from their condition, they go downhill very quickly. Caregivers fall apart if they believe that their loved one “isn’t going to make it.” Perhaps that’s why the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge put so much emphasis on giving people hope. There’s just one problem: hope, like faith and love, require an object. More sawdust